CD / DVD / Vinyl

We are the biggest CD and DVD pressing plant in Poland. Total quality arises from the specific care we put into each of our services and clients.


  • The largest in Poland and one of the most important pressing plants in Europe. CD, DVD and VINYL DISCS

  • Many years of experience in the multimedia industry
We produce CD Audio, CD Rom, CD Video, CD Extra, DVD Video, DVD Audio, DVD Rom formats.
 DVD5, DVD9, DVD10

  • Vinyl discs
  • Authoring, Premastering, Mastering, Design Department, Printing House – ALL IN HOUSE


  • One of the first studios of its kind in Europe and first in Poland
  • We employee a team of creative specialists in the established field of multimedia authoring.
  • Our studio – pioneers have set the standards for the DVD market development in Poland
  • The American SONIC system – the leader in the creation of DVD-Video authoring systems.
  • We offer a complete and complex authoring suite : interactive menu. iconographic materials, digital special effects, graphics that are an integral part of the film – the menu layout and other functions including windows with the choice of scenes,
  • Premastering


  • Professional design department
  • Designing special custom -made products
  • Creation of new products, including packaging, books, albums, special projects
  • Creating mock-ups
  • Technical consultancy and professional assistance in designing, taking into account client’s assumptions

Our projects


Many awards, including the best quality of printing products awards, the best packaging of the year awards and nominations, including the GRAMMY Award for the best packaging, reflect the high QUALITY of our products. These awards show our innovation, creativity and competitiveness on the domestic and foreign markets. Award-winning productions are creative, designer, innovative, marketing, technological and, above all, have functional solutions that satisfy the tastes of ever more demanding consumers.

  • TAKT SP. Z O.O.

    32-329 Bolesław
    ul. Wyzwolenia 2
    mobile: +48 32 295 70 00
    fax: +48 32 642 48 33


    02-677 Warszawa
    ul. Cybernetyki 9
    Budynek IRIS
    mobile: +48 22 853 07 75
    fax: +48 22 853 07 75


    32-329 Bolesław
    ul.Wyzwolenia 2
    mobile: +48 32 295 70 00
    fax: +48 32 642 48 33

  • Takt Sp. z.o.o. company registered in the District Court of Kraków-, XII Commercial Division of the National Court Register, KRS ( National Court Register) No. 0000273423.

    Initial capital: 170.430.000,00 PLN
    NIP ( Tax No. ): 637-20-86-024
    Regon: 120382402