The modern authoring studio - the first studio in Poland and one of the first in Europe.

Our team consists of creative specialists, pioneers who have set the standards for the DVD market development in Poland. Currently, the team performs authoring for the world’s largest film companies . The overall work done here includes tens of thousands of titles. We use the the American concern SONIC system, a leader in the creation of DVD-Video authoring systems.

AUTHORING is a process that refers to a broad range of activities than just “creating a DVD” or “preparing a CD master”. From our point of view, both processes end in the preparation of the “mother” disc, from which a stamper will be made and all discs will be replicated. It is a process of preparing material for subsequent production stages, combining image and sound streams. TAKT is able to process the material provided on all available sound media.

The studio offers the preparation of:
• interactive menu – static or animated with chapters, titles, tags,
• iconographic materials,
• digital special effects,
• graphics that is an integral part of the film – the menu layout and its other functions including windows with the choice of scenes.

We make efforts to ensure that each of our products are unique and aesthetically pleasing, and the graphics prepared by us are inseparable elements of the film image.

as well as:
• multi-camera shots, consisting in parallel displaying of video tracks coming from different camera shots,
• possibility of placing up to 8 audio tracks,
• possibility of placing up to 32 tracks with subtitles in many languages, preparation of one DVD version for several countries simultaneously,
• dvd-video + Rom.

In addition, the studio processes the material, adapting it to the size of the media on which it will be pressed. The works are carried out in the following stages:
• image compression to MPEG format (MPEG2 for DVD and MPEG1 for VCD),
• converting the image from HD to SD,
• audio compression to various formats (eg DD, DTS, DTS-ES, LPCM),
• graphic design (animated or static menu),
• combination of all elements as above according to the client’s recommendations,
• creating a master compliant with the DVD Video specification.

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    32-329 Bolesław
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    mobile: +48 32 295 70 00
    fax: +48 32 642 48 33

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