The book is a timeless means of communication. When combined with wide distribution its influence rivals any medium. Your creative legacy can be maintained if you publish with us.


  • A professional machine park for the production of books

  • Hard cover, soft cover
Perfect bounding and case bounding

  • PUR bonding

  • Variety of formats: from CD to Vinyl, intermediate formats
Various raw materials and finishings


  • Professional design department
  • Designing special custom -made products
  • Creation of new products, including packaging, books, albums, special projects
  • Creating mock-ups
  • Technical consultancy and professional assistance in designing, taking into account client’s assumptions

Print finishing

  • Dispersion varnish
  • UV varnish
  • Structural varnish
  • 3D spot varnish
  • Luminescent paint
  • Lamination
  • Embossing and debossing
  • Multilevel (“raised”) emboss
  • Hot stamping
  • Combined techniques

Our projects


Many awards, including the best quality of printing products awards, the best packaging of the year awards and nominations, including the GRAMMY Award for the best packaging, reflect the high QUALITY of our products. These awards show our innovation, creativity and competitiveness on the domestic and foreign markets. Award-winning productions are creative, designer, innovative, marketing, technological and, above all, have functional solutions that satisfy the tastes of ever more demanding consumers.