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Pressing department

Compact disc offers many predefined formats for storing music, computer data, images, videos, games and other applications:

Audio CD is the primary compact disc format and the basis for all other formats. CD-Graphics and CD-Text are further improvements of standard CD audio format as well as CD-Extra, which lets you add computer data to audio tracks,

CD-ROM format is extension of standard CD audio format which primary function is to store computer data (games or other applications)

CD-ROM XA is a multimedia CD-ROM version used for the following file formats: Video CD, CD-I Photo CD.

TAKT offer includes following services:

  • Manufacturing AUDIO CDs & DVDs

DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) is a CD-sized disc but it offers higher data capacity (from 4.7 GB to 17.1 GB) for videos, images, multimedia, games and sound recordings. Just like the compact disc, DVDs are available in following predefined formats:

  • DVD-Video
  • DVD-Audio

The main features of the DVD format are:

  • backward compatibility with current CD carriers,
  • the physical dimensions of DVDs are the same as CDs, with an exception thickness as DVDs consist of two halves, 0.6 mm thick each, glued together,
  • various types of DVDs: single-layer, dual layer and single-sided or double sided,
  • capacity: max. 4.7 GB per layer, 8.5 GB per side,
  • all formats use the same UDF file system,
  • analog and digital copy protection built into the format.
  • since 1998, when TAKT signed all necessary licensing agreements, our offer includes all DVD formats.

TAKT also offers following services:

  • DVD-Video authoring and premastering – including audio and video encoding, conversion, subtitles, menus, navigation and content recording on the DLT tapes,
  • Pressing: DVD-5 (4.7GB single-sided disc), DVD-10 (9.4GB double-sided disc), DVD-9 (8.5GB double layer disc).
  • Labelprint on DVDs is done with the same method as for CDs, with an exception of DVD-10, of which the labelprint can only be done on a small area of the innerring.

Daily production capacity:

  • 700,000 CD
  • 400,000 DVD
  • 50,000 hard covers books
  • 50,000 cardboard packaging
  • 50,000 Taktpacks

Our facility

Our production facility area is 14.000 square metres and is equipped with:

  1. Digital pre-production department
  2. Advanced machinery
  3. 700 people of staff

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